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More News with Ultrascan

Tour 419 Scammers

419 Advance fee scam tour
We are preparing 'œcelebrity' scam tours in the main advance fee scam centers of Europe, London, Madrid and Amsterdam In the company of an expert guide you can visit (incognito) the public social and work places of active 419 scammers. You will be able to witness419 Advance Fee Fraud Global Crime Networks scammers who answer phonecalls faxes and email, and other members of a scamring who visit a Western Union agent to collect advance fees from the victims, if you’re lucky you will witness scammers carry heavy trunkboxes filled with fake dollars (its known as the only phisical labour that 419 scammers do) and see a victim go in to a bank or a change office to change the only 2 or 3 real 100 dollar bills.

Nigerian 419 advance fee fraud box of fake money
There will be opportunities to interact socially with scammers (most of them are very polite and easy to converse with), but don't be surprised if they introduce you to a scam, you really can't blame them for it, to them it's an automatic reflex. We will present an award certificate to tour participants who get the most beverages paid by a scammer or scamringleader or can sell them something for at least ten times the street value.

If during or before the tour you feel the urge to interact with the scammers, the victim or the police concerning the scamactivities, you will have to leave the tour or opt for a private tour, at no moment we will allow you to, risk the safety of the other visitors on the tour, or enlist the other visitor's on the tour as witnesses of scam activity without their prior consent.

If you prefer to exercise the right to interact with scammers, victims or the police in an aggressive manner, or you suddenly decide you are going to fight the 419 in close combat. it is better to opt for a private tour tailored to your preferences. It's only fair to warn you that those interactions might not have the effect you expect. Scammer will run and/or make a lot of obnoxious (threatening) noise, victims won't believe you, and you will spend considerable time to file your complaint or enlist the help of the police.

These tours will not be for free, prices are depending on, the numbers of guest on the tour (maximum 8), the scammers, scam activity available and preferences of the guests.
Tour guests will also have to allow a security background check at least 3 working days before and a psychological test before boarding the tour.
During the tour, guests will have to dress and act like a medium budget tourist on a family trip and can not carry any form or shape of weapons also in the case of a permit or license to carry such weapons. Guest are allowed to use non-hidden and nonprofessional photo or video devices but are not allowed to record any material that can identify the expert guide or any of the other guests on the tour without prior consent. There will be scenarios available for photo opportunities with or of scammers.

A tour includes a written practical 419 guide for beginners, some basic lessons on how to intervene on active 419 scams and for every guest a very exclusive limited edition gift, which will also give you the opportunity to stop at least one scam in progress with the push of a button at a safe distance, and this we hope, will remind you of your unique adventure for the rest of your life and you will never again think of 419 victims as being ignorant, stupid or greedy, but know that scammers are in most cases intelligent members of well organized multinational scamorganisation.

It is possible to arrange for one tour per day between Monday morning 9 am and Saturday 5 pm tours will take between 2 to 5 hours depending on scam activity and the weather. Saturday evenings and Sunday until 5 pm it's only possible to tour the social events of scammers, because during those hours there is not enough scam activity to guarantee a complete tour.

-These type of tours are not meant for government officials or members of the press.
If you are a 419 victim don't expect to meet your scammers during one of the tours, without preparations the odds for that to happen are very low.

Do not ask us why we don't warn the victims and the police of the scams mentioned above, because we do. But in the 419 scamcenters of Europe there is at any given moment during the day enough scam activity in progress or new started.


We have received many reactions to this page, both positive as negative, from the anti 419 community and others.
At the moment the arguments are in favor of taking this page of the web site, which means that it will be removed.
If you have been active in the 419 fight longer then 3 years and you have valid reasons, for this page to stay up please inform us ASAP, otherwise it will be removed. (until Saturday September 16, most of you were for UP, as from early Sunday morning most of you are for removal, the last arguments were all about keeping the peace among 419 fighters and not about the content of this page!!!) .
(until Saturday September 23 2006 votes are again for UP, many reactions considered humor or no humor)

Any law enforcement officer who wishes to advise us on the subject is welcome to call or write us.