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More News with Ultrascan

Ultrascan-HUMINT Tribal Mapping - Enable Your Mission!

HUMINT Mapping is about meeting and dialogue with people, it is used for the information gathering phase of all security related work and determines the personal relationships, mission in life and visions they live, which enables you to communicate and influence both enemies & friends.

If you do not only want to know which tribe or family resides where, but also their visions and who to speak with to expedite your mission!


The low value cultural mapping you can get everywhere but don’t need

Traditional academic studies take too long to be effectively responsive in the time frame of rapid social political upheaval. Traditional survey methods are too shallow and inaccurate to reflect the true dynamics of the social political flux.

It’s an undeniable fact that the available cultural mapping, that says tribe X is here and tribe Y is there, is sufficient for a tourist guide but not enough to professionally operate in the field.  Its primary emphasis on ethnic groups and secondary focus on tribes, religions and languages. It might be sufficient to market a product or service to groups but does not enable you to operate in a local environment and speak with or influence (leading) individuals that you seek out or stumble upon.


Prerequisites for in-depth HUMINT mapping

In response to this, over the last ten years we have developed a methodology that blends random selection with targeted selection. There are two prerequisites you have to have before implementing our quality of mapping, your key and prime people have to have time living among the population to understand the traditions and culture prior to research and you have to be in country recruiting, vetting and training local people to western accepted research methodology.

These two prerequisites are what almost all tribal mapping companies do not, cannot or will not do and thus end up with ineffective or inaccurate research.


The High Value Ultrascan HUMINT Mapping You Do Need and Cannot Find Anywhere Else

This methodology developed in response to the needs of field commanders and embassy staff to immediately know and understand the changing nature of field conditions in conflict/unstable politically marginal and threatened states. Identify and mitigate risk and efficiencies across geographies.

Often relations between tribes are dictated by marriage, very old events and religious beliefs (not in the western norm of definition). Through interviews/dialogue and in-depth surveys we establish the individual/group relationships and dynamics within the families of a tribe, its structures, culture and traditions. Then we map out its relationships with surrounding tribes and tribes they interrelate with. Families and tribes always have a home village and everything radiates out from there in a web over the centuries, we map this family development and spread.



When you use Ultrascan-HUMINT Mapping you have the answers to the following questions about the people in your designated area before you meet:

Who are the family elders?

Who are the chiefs?

How is authority decided?

Who wields authority in what areas?

What is their mission in life? (unattainable)

And vision to live? (attainable)


Conflict areas

We specialize in conflict/unstable politically marginal and threatened states. All of our services can provide you intelligence support, security, counterinsurgency, information operations and messaging. You can have an animated and fluctuating picture of the human make up of a region. You can view the social, political and economic fault lines in a region. Now you can do a real messaging or influence projects.

When required Intelligence Security Clearance available

Areas of Interest

The Maghreb: Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Chad, Algeria, Libya

West Africa, Sub Sahara and East African Countries

The Middle East: Lebanon, Syria, North Iraq, Taliban areas and Iran


View Ultrascan HUMINT Satellite Tribal Mapping Areas in a larger map

Email: info@ultrascan-agi.com

Phone:  +31208080335


Twitter: @ultrascanhumint