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Global Alert
 Funding, Support and Recruitment for Al Qaeda New Affiliates Al Shabaab and Boko Haram as Threat Hub to Diaspora on other Continents:

View Funding, Support, Recruitment of Al Qaeda Affiliates in Diaspora. in a larger map

Al Qaeda, The Shadow Where Crime Becomes Ideology. - It does not take a brilliant mind to think of ways this system can be exploited.

 AI Qaida in Africa and Nigeria. - Although not often recognized, Africa is a key continent for The AI Qaida terror network.

 Layers of funding and support of Al Qaeda’s new affiliates in Africa. -  Financiers of Al Qaeda, as in connections that go back to the 90’s and developed into the past decade

  Synergy between Crime and Ideology. - 419 AFF fraud is shifting from a criminal inspired activity into an ideology driven terror funding mechanism for African based terror organizations and their affiliates in Europe.

 The three action layers of Al Qaeda’s new affiliates in Africa. - Al Qaeda’s GSI doctrine - Generic, Specific, International

Underwear bomber not the only Al Qaeda Kryptonite inside Africa’s upper-class family’s. - The African connections are not “the usual suspects” but “key players”  in Africa’s  infrastructure, finance and security.

  Al Qaeda’s Targets ‘Magnificent 5’ In Eastern Africa. - In Al Qaeda’s global strategy a powerful instrument that bridges continents is ‘Motivation by events’. Affiliates target “the Magnificent 5” countries; Uganda, Kenya. Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi


 We do not share sources, we do not share our working methods, we only share information on need to know basis. When required Intelligence Security Clearance available.

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