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Global Alert  priority:  HIGH

HUMINT from inside Al Qaeda and Boko Haram

Boko Haram "The Movement" Plans To Trigger Uprising - Divide. 

    04 May 2014

 . Boko Haram Shekau "we are everywhere in your cities"

Boko Haram "The Terrorists" Arrived in Abuja To Stay !

 HUMINT from inside Boko Haram reveals that until recently the terror group didn't have the funding to expand southward and sustain a presence there. "Experts" labelled a professional doctrine terror campaign of almost 5 years "a local insurgency" and Nigerian officials keep deluding themselves in front of the media, but the recent terror attacks at the heart of Nigeria's Capital Abuja signals the arrival of "the terrorist group" Boko Haram in the south and their intention to stay.

Boko Haram Terrorist Arived in Abuja To StayBoko Haram "The Movement" Plans To Trigger Uprising

Nigeria's President Jonathan means well when he says that "Terrorists Cannot Stop Government from Working" , but has no clue of what's in store for Nigeria. While today no one can claim that the terror organisation is not a serious threat, criminal investigations brought to light that the completely ignored larger "movement" of Boko Haram in Nigeria and the Diaspora (incl. US, UK, EU) has been mobilizing support under the youth. Have prepared for a revolutionary wave of demonstrations, protests (both non-violent and violent) and riots, supported by a global social media, Internet, Twitter, Google and Facebook campaign. Exploiting the countrywide notion of underlying hatred for corrupt failing leadership and "living at the expense of the masses".

! Note ! : The "Al Qaeda Strategy Value Pyramid" bridges continents with ‘Motivation By Events’. It is not inconceivable that a wave of violent protests in Nigeria sparks to countries with a large Nigerian Diaspora !

Abubakar Shekau: "We are everywhere in your cities"

In two recent video communications Boko Haram current leader Abubakar Shekau said "We are everywhere in your cities", designated international targets and specifically announced attacks on foreign interests.

In a diversified threat environment where multiple Al Qaeda affiliates are taking advantage of security gaps, Nigerian criminal networks throughout the world position Boko Haram in the frontline of Al Qaeda and it is vital that we anticipate this threat.

The support in the Nigerian Diaspora, organized crime, primary funding for "the terror group" and secondary funding for "the movement" in and from the EU, US and the Middle-East, are crucial to a threat


The Nigerian Jihad will soon reach Western Europe. 2014 - 2018

Boko Haram has supporters among Nigerians and transnational crime networks in the Diaspora. A "movement" was developed in cooperation with Al Qaeda controlled ex-pats in Europe. Reinforced by veterans of the Jihad and Nigerians that were or still are fighting in the Middle East.

we do not share sources, we do not share our working methods, we only share information on need to know basis

 Ultrascan-HUMINT-services will continue to monitor 24/7; plans, operations and strategy changes from inside these organizatons


Public Research Reports



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