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More News with Ultrascan

419 AFF Centralized Reporting

We continuously need to make a convincing argument for centralized 419 reporting with the police in the different countries.

We have asked an expert and you can read here what his opinion is:

We have found that centralized counter-419 operations in a given country are essential because:

1. Centralized counter-419 operations are the only way that viable statistics on 419 can be maintained.  Decentralized counter-419 operations mean fragmented information and data.  Everybody has a Piece of the picture, but nobody has the Full picture in decentralized counter-419 operations.

2. When counter-419 operations are decentralized there is much confusion and duplication of effort among the various agencies involved. This results in higher costs and less effectiveness.

3. Centralized counter 419 operations are the only way there can be centralized
contact data for the public in reporting 419 attempts and 419 losses.  Reporting
must be kept as simple for the public as possible, to encourage maximum reports.
Only by encouraging maximum reporting can the best statistics and information
be generated on 419 activity, and it is always good to have the best information
so one can accurately estimate the size of the problem and analyze trends within
419 activity.

4. We have found that no matter how much training etc. one gives local level agencies in 419 and counter-419, that the level of expertise remains spotty at best, with many agencies and officers not knowing a thing about 419 or how to proceed in 419 cases.
With Centralized counter-419 reporting, when the reports come into Central, they can be evaluated by staff who are Experts in 419. Then, as needed, these staffers can refer the cases to Local authorities, and simultaneously provide whatever guidance on how to proceed in 419 cases that Local authorities might need.  This would serve to standardize counter-419 operations at the local level, and assure that people who actually know something about 419 have input into the matter at the Local level, thereby improving both efficiency and reducing cost by eliminating useless duplication of effort.
For example, in cashier's check 419 local authorities are always trying to charge the victim with attempting to defraud their bank, or Nigeria, or somebody, when in fact it is the victim himself who is being defrauded. Much time and energy is wasted by local authorities on such cases, which are always eventually dismissed as they learn more about 419, and of course all these hoo-has could have been reduced greatly by Central 419 reporting and by Centralized Counter 419ing and assistance to local authorities.

5. Speed is of the essence in counter-419ing. The more layers a counter-
419 model has to go through, the slower its response.  Centralized counter-
419ing provides for the fastest action possible in any given case.

6. Centralized counter-419ing gives the governments of other countries a
Single contact point for 419 matters thereby expediting communication and
coordination between governments, which is essential to effective international
counter-419 operations.

7. Centralized counter-419ing units can be staffed with civilian 419 experts
rather than full law enforcement personnel.  This is cheaper, and also better,
as most law enforcement personnel must by nature of their positions be more jacks of all trades rather than masters of one.  Further, law enforcement personnel tend to rotate from job to job, often it seems just as if one is getting really good at counter-419, he or she is transferred or assigned to other duties are a part of rotations etc.  This of course produces a more rounded officer, but it reduces the overall expertise level of counter-419 operatives. It would be better for a centralized 419 operation to be civilian staffed with only a few actual law enforcement people assigned with arrest powers etc.  The Civilians do the work and the analysis and call in the law enforcement personnel as needed.
The law enforcement personnel should, in essence, be in a support role rather than a lead role.  This would reduce the need for sworn law enforcement agents in counter-419 operations and would allow them to be assigned to other duties, like Counter Terrorism etc. where they are needed.  The Civilian experts would be cheaper too --- training qualified law enforcement personnel is not cheap. Most of the civilian experts in 419 would be self trained or NGO trained at no cost to the government and would be better at 419 matters as well since that would be ALL they do ALL the time.