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General Warning

Warning system for Advance Fee Fraud:
When we receive evidence of and advance fee fraud in progress or prepared, our volunteer section warn the victims or targeted victims for advance fee fraud.
Example of a typical warnings send to a (targeted) victim:
Warning: You are the target for an Advance Fee Scam
Dear Sir/Madam,

You are receiving this email because one of our investigative units has identified you as the (potential) victim of a Nigerian 419 Advance Fee Fraud. This fraud typically originates with the scam operator soliciting your assistance to move millions of dollars from Africa or the Philippines to a different continent preferably by a so-called diplomatic courier. You
will eventually be asked to pay fees ranging from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of dollars for storage or insurance fees, transportation costs, clearance documents, and in the final stage you will be asked for hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay for chemicals to "clean" the money after you have witnessed a cleaning trick.

It could also be the case that you are asked to claim, an over invoiced contract, a lottery prize or bank account of a deceased, in order to claim the benefits which supposed to be millions.

The scammers always claim to be or sometimes really are connected to government or company officials. They also have very convincing but fake documents to prove the existents of their deal, and in these modern times the scammers also make use of the internet to showcase not really existing account balances with nonexistent and for sure unlicensed internet banks.

In recent years the scammers also have been  paying with fake or stolen cheques, bank drafts or false banktransfer documents. In some cases the banks initially accept and credit the amounts to your account, after which the scammers ask to forward part of the payment or the ordered products to a third party. This third party is also involved in the scam.
When this happens to you the bank will hold you responsible for the loss after it becomes clear that the payment is a fraudulent one.

Unless you want to lose a lot of money - do not advance ANY money for a "business" transaction involving millions of dollars. If you have already paid any money it is almost certainly lost for good. If it sounds too good to be true then it is and you will definitely end up losing lots of money.

Be advised that this is an ongoing scam that has been happening for over twenty years and to date it has successfully bilked unwary victims of billions of dollars. There are currently thousands of persons of West African origin perpetrating this scam. It is Nigeria's third industry.

There is no money. The only persons who stand to gain in this business are the criminals operating this scam. If you are still in contact with the criminals (their so-called lawyers, diplomats etc.) it is in your best interests to cease all communications and forward all correspondences to the authorities in your country.




For detailed information on these scams please refer to the following
web sites: Ultrascan: http://www.ultrascan-agi.com

The 419 Coalitions home page: http://home.rica.net/alphae/419coal/

If you reside in the United States and have lost money to the criminals please contact the United States Secret Service financial crimes division by referring to their page at: