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More News with Ultrascan

Loss Recovery

The choice of recovery option is up to you.
Very often, key beneficiaries and their assets are located in the UK or offshore locations where legal redress is possible. Clients have a choice of civil litigation (which will likely also turn criminal), public prosecution if the authorities deem the case to be strong enough or a couple of options for 'out of court' repatriation of the money. Should you wish to proceed civilly, we can assist with dealings with your attorneys; or should you wish to proceed with a public prosecution, we will liaise the different police departments on your behalf, should you so wish.

Costs of recovery
Should clients wish to utilise our recovery services, charges start at $4000 and for a full scale out of court recovery of 6 or 7 figure losses when professionals work round the clock for weeks in a row the expenses start at $12000 per week excluding expenses for travel, rent of technical equipment and local assistance.
Do not ask us to work for free, or at no cure no pay basis, we do not accept. Help for free you can get to a great extent from our volunteers, who have access to the largest part of our databases, just don’t expect them to meet criminals in person to collect your loss.

The do it your self recovery
We do understand that the majority of 419 victims simply cannot afford a recovery service, for those victims we publish some tips and tricks on how to increase the very low odds of recovering money lost to 419 scammers and/or have their scammers arrested for their crimes. Our experienced volunteers are always willing to help you with information or directions and are able to give you an honest opinion on your chances. Keep in mind that the key word for you is ASAP -File your complaint ASAP and in the right place(s) there were you paid your money, do your own research FAST, ask for help FAST, the quicker your complaint arrives at the police department that is able and willing to arrest the scammer and block his account(s) the higher your chances.

examples will follow, if you need practical advise now, send an E-mail with the details of your scam to 419unit@ultrascan.nl.