21 October 2006

Again a FAKE web site SNS BANK 1 victims loss 936,000 US$


Nigerian 419 Advance Fee Fraud organized crime has created a WEB SITE OF SNS BANK (a below average quality)

The Nigerian advance fee scammers behind this SNS fraud have american business people as target, one of those VICTIMS from Los Angeles lost until today 936,000.00 US dollars over a two year period.
He was led to believe to trade large quantities of timber from the African continent for a total value of more then 12,000,000.00 US$. Of course non of the payments or deliveries came trough, because of "administrative" problems.
This victim had to pay for im- and export licences, DUTCH taxes, opening balances for several accounts with different FAKE banks including SNS International, Fortis, "Gran Manera Offshore Investment Finance" and to "agents"(of the scammers) who had accounts with real banks BELGOLAISE BANK in Belgium, HELENIC BANK, PRO BANK and COMMERCIAL BANK OF GREECE in Greece.
Further he was LED TO BELIEVE to do business with the Dutch finance ministry that "was blocking payments due to him" for this he had to pay a guarantee and "the embassy of Ivory Coast in Brussels", that supplied him with a payment certificate for which he paid 187,000.00 US$.
The Los Angeles victim, a seasoned businessman, lost his savings and stands to LOSE HIS HOUSE AND COMPANIES within weeks, but still has doubts about the intentions of his very convincing Nigerian business partners that all carry fake but sound names like "Klaas Jan Westerhof", "Brenda Hofman", "David Reimann", "Paul Adams" and "Richard Darwin".
Now "Richard Darwin" is threatening the victim with action by the police and the tax departments if the victim doesn't comply with the new payment suggestions, and of course the victim is taking those threats serious because he's with his back to the wall. No money left, only debts and he was told that some of his payments were for corrupt officials and that's in his mind a crime, he doesn't grasp the concept that he did -not at all- commit a crime, because none of his payments did go to anything official but the pockets of the scammers.

This group of scammers came out the 53 West Africans arrested in Amsterdam in February 2004, of which 52 were released because a lack of evidence, some went on with their lucrative business in Amsterdam but 8 went in June 2004 to Frankfurt and later Athens Greece from where they have organized their global fraud business. Their scam business made them in a short period multi millionaire and leaders of a scamring with more then 1800 members in the world fast growing economies.

The Fake SNS bank web site (and others) is published by a Nigerian AFF scam organization to support the credibility of their scamring members with the collection of ADVANCE FEES for the opening of BOGUS offshore accounts, mortgage and other loans offers and transfers of non existent millions via online banking facilities on the web sites it self. (this is NOT phishing or a method to collect "real" banking access codes or PIN of existing SNS bank clients)

THIS particular Nigerian scamring with more then 1800 AF fraudsters world-wide has (also) MEMBERS IN:
  1. Beirut, Cyprus, Dubai
  2. Paris, Limoges, Zurich
  3. New York, Indianapolis, Houston, Toronto
  4. Valencia, Barcelona
  5. Amsterdam, Utrecht, Munich
  6. Athens, London, Dublin
  7. Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur
  8. New Delhi, Bangkok
  9. Johannesburg, Nairobi, Accra
  10. Lagos, Abuja

Victims receive, after opening an account, a number and login code to "see" fake transactions via bogus internetbanking. For these fake transactions they have to pay fees between 5000 and 350.000 US$ or Euro depending on the transaction, which could be getting a loan, a lottery prize, a government contract or one of the hundreds of other Nigerian advance fee tricks.

Have a look at the fake web site yourself for as long as the link to it works: http://sns-banl.com/

Everyday there are about 50 new fake web enterprises from banks to car and mobile-phone sales or auction fraud, of which 95% are launched by Nigerian advance fee fraudsters.