01 Oktober 2006

Alert! Fake web site DEUTSCHE BANK

Nigerian 419 Advance Fee Fraud organized crime has created a WEB SITE OF DEUTSCHE BANK AG

The web site is published by a Nigerian AFF scam organization to support the credibility of their scamring members with the collection of ADVANCE FEES for the opening of BOGUS offshore accounts, mortgage and other loans offers and transfers of non existent millions via online banking facilities on the web sites it self. (this is NOT phishing or a method to collect banking access codes or PIN)

THIS particular Nigerian scamring with more then 3000 AF fraudsters world-wide has (also) MEMBERS IN:
  1. Baghdad, Beirut, Cyprus, Dubai
  2. Paris, Limoges, Zurich, Geneva, Milan, Torino
  3. New York, Indianapolis, Houston, Toronto
  4. Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona
  5. Amsterdam, The Hague, Frankfurt, Munich
  6. Athens, Brussels, Antwerp, London, Dublin
  7. Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur
  8. New Delhi, Bangkok
  9. Johannesburg, Nairobi, Accra
  10. Lagos, Abuja

Victims receive, after opening an account, a number and login code to "see" fake transactions via bogus internetbanking. For these fake transactions they have to pay fees between 5000 and 350.000 US$ or Euro depending on the transaction, which could be getting a loan, a lottery prize, a government contract or one of the hundreds of other Nigerian advance fee frauds.

Have a look at the fake web site yourself for as long as the link to it works: http://www.db-agonline.com/contact.html