25 April 2007

Amsterdam police arrests 5 people in international fraud investigation.

The Amsterdam police last Monday arrested 5 people and confiscated computers, fake travel documents, bogus banking documents. The suspects
are being held by the Dutch authorities pending extradition to the US, where they could face up to 20 years in prison. Probably for counts of wire fraud and mail fraud.
Ultrascan's 419 Unit:

The fraudsters in this scheme allegedly fleeced hundreds of unsuspecting victims from the US, NORWAY, INDIA and GREECE with promises of charitable contributions and personal riches.

This scam ring has members in The NETHERLANDS, BELGIUM, GERMANY, GREECE, SPAIN, ENGLAND, FRANCE, ITALY, CANADA and of course NIGERIA. One can expect more arrests to follow in those countries IF law enforcement sees fit, because in some of those countries addressing  Nigerian 419 Advance Fee Fraud is not a priority.

The scams involved fake internet banking and security deposit companies, victims should open an account to see the millions of dollars waiting for them. Or visit a security company to see boxes with fake gold or dollar bills and see the wash wash trick to convince them of the "real deal".

This scam ring is/was active in Europe since March 2003, we estimate the damages that this scam ring inflicted to victims until today, in the tens of millions!!

419 the 'world's most successful scam' with losses to victims totalling  $28 billion.

The fraud is spreading rapidly and becoming more sophisticated.

Some of the Fake names and institutions (A.K.A.) used by THIS scam ring:

Gran Manera Offshore Investment Finance
Anchor Security And Trust
Ervigio Express Clearing Services Ltd
Global security
Paul Adams
Religion Clearing house
David Reiman
Central and West Euro Funds Monitoring Unit
Embassy of Ivory Cost in Brussels
the dutch Ministry of Finance
Richard Darwin
Brenda Hoffers


Ultrascan Advanced Global Investigations