08 December 2006


Alert! --Employees of Shell Nigeria are aiding scammers that operate a fake Shell oil company from Madrid, Rotterdam and London---

Nigerian scammers have been professionally working as "SHELL OIL COMPANY" since February 2005 and made many victims through selling partnerships in "existing" oil shipments from Nigeria.

Among the victims were businessmen that were contacted during high profile trade shows in Dubai and Spain, but also other mostly US companies that were approached if their name was on a public oil derivatives trading lists on the internet.

The victims were convinced, with sets of all the relevant, but false, Shell documents. In some cases the victims were convinced of the a "genuine" deal by associates or family members of the scammers that ACTUALLY WORK FOR SHELL petroleum in Port Harcourt-Nigeria and use company phone lines and shell email addresses.

To secure their oil deal with Shell, victims paid upfront bribes or a local businessman to become partner in, in most cases, oil shipments. Payments for oil deliveries were always done via the intermediary services of fake copies of banks based in Madrid, Rotterdam and London.

We have recorded, for particular this scam and scamring losses over 18 million US$ in the period february 2005 to December 2006, but estimates of the total damages should turn out significantly higher because the scamring is still operating "SHELL" and still works the international business community with this scam!

These Nigerian 419 Advance Fee Fraud organizations have also created many WEB SITES OF SHELL INTERNATIONAL over the past two years. One is
today still active and is suppose to give victims a possibility to access via login and password to follow the "oil shipments" that they have invested in.

Have a look for yourself for as long as the link to the web site works!: http://www.shelllondonscreen.com/