23 September 2006

Fraud Alert! Crocodile Hunter's Fortune to Develop Church or Mosque.

Nigerian 419 Advance Fee scam artists often specifically target faith-based groups and use biblical or other religious references to lure victims.

In this case targeted religious victims have to pay advance fees to a non existent barister in the UK and open an account with a fake HSBC bank in London.

==Next of kin scam 22-09-2006==

ATTENTION Firstly, not to cause you embarrassment, I am Mrs. Terri Irwin;  widow to late Mr. Steve Irwin a National of Australia, the director of the
 Australia Zoo in Queensland, Australia, and host of Animal Planet's series  The Crocodile Hunter. On Monday, 4 September 2006, My Husband dead prior to a stingray barb that pierced his chest, according to Cairns police sources. Unfortunately before the death of my husband, we had a deposit with HSBC Bank of London, valued presently 11million pounds Sterling, which we did not disclose to anybody it's only within me and my husband and our private Lawyer in the UK.
 I was informed that the bank is planning to use the money for nuclear weapons. This is because am suffering from cancer illness. From all indications my condition is really deteriorating and it's quite obvious that I may not get better quickly or live long according to my doctors. I have  pray over this before I contacted you.
Cause I want you to use 60% of the fund to contribute to the development of the Church and Mosque in Africa, America, Asia and Europe. While the rest 40% belongs to you for the less privileged.
Conclusively. I honestly pray that when this fund get claimed and will be used for the said purpose, my private attorney in Uk will be in charge to prepare all the legal documentations that will authenticate you as the next of kin/will beneficiary to my late husband. Please get in touch with my attorney urgently for more details, with the below Email; Name: Barrister. Antony Edward Email:  barr.antonyedward@yahoo.co.uk

Thanks for your understanding my the lord be with you.
Best Regard
Mrs. Terri Irwin.