12 December 2006

Riggs Bank Resurrected to move Pinochet millions by Nigerian scammers.

Chile's former dictator PINOCHET isn’t even buried yet and Nigerian 4-1-9 Advance Fee Fraud organizations, have resurrected RIGGS bank to add credibility to their international scams, that include soliciting help to move Pinochet’s millions

Riggs bank known as the bank for US Presidents and diplomats, was bought in 2004 by PNC under the condition that scandal ridden embassy business would be phased out. The name Riggs is no longer used by its owners.

Nigerian scammers obviously have no problem with the stained name and use the name and several Riggs bank web sites to add credibility to their scams.

Victims of this "Riggs bank international" get, a user ID and login password to "see the millions" and fake transactions via bogus internetbanking.
For these fake transactions they have to pay fees between 5.000 and 350.000 US$ depending on the transaction, which could be getting a loan, a lottery prize, a government contract, one of the hundreds of other Nigerian advance fee tricks, or just the opening balance of 10.000 US$ account with this bank.

Have a look at the fake web sites yourself for as long as the links work: http://www.riggsbk.com, http://www.riggsbint.com.