Saturday May 19 2007

UK and world Fraud Map Launched (Google maps)

Ultrascan Advanced Global Investigations today launched a World and UK fraud map, which shows locations where 419 Advance Fee  Fraudsters are working or are sighted on a regular basis.

Despite the fact the police might step up its efforts in the coming years, to apprehend 419 scammers or disrupt them by taking down their
communication lines, Ultrascan warns that this is not enough as gang members are easily replaced and scams very adaptable to new
circumstances. Also hampering enforcement efforts are the dispersion of the crime rings to smaller cities and anonymity of the perpetrators.

Next fraud maps to be published are Spain and France.

Nigerian criminal networks are "OPEN SOURCE CRIMINAL NETWORKS"

They exist of small diverse autonomous cells, with as main assets anonymity and a self renewing adaptive capabilities. They have no gravity point like leadership or pre-defined structure. It results in organized crime with significant shorter decision cycli then any government agency.

(Bureaucratic structures) Governments are not capable to isolate this problem, or combat it.

These Open Source networks are a dangerous vehicle for anyone that wants to commit a crime and stay under the horizon of Law enforcement or other agencies. Anonymity opens the road to co-operation between groups of criminals that normally would never consider co-operation, because of (cultural background) animosity!

With open source criminal networks we have entered the decade of "crime terrorism symbiosis"

The only solution against (419) global "Open Source Crime Networks", is public/victim friendly centralized reporting and research. If governments will not make this possible, we will.

419unit Ultrascan Advanced Global Investigations