20 November 2006



Nigerian 419 Advance Fee Fraud organizations are operating as, and have created an EXACT COPY of the WEB SITE OF, The Philippine NATIONAL BUREAU of INVESTIGATION the national police organization that suppose to combat Nigerian 419 Advance Fee Scammers.

It is meant to prevent foreign victims of 4-1-9 fraud to file complaints with real police departments, confirm the so-called "real status" of the scammers that they deal with and entice them to pay again advance fees, including bribes to "so-called" law enforcement, fake attorneys and bogus banks.

In the past 3 years Nigerian advance fee fraud has made fast growing numbers of victims in the Asian region, with the highest losses incurred by Japanese citizens, but also citizen's and companies in the Philippines have been duped by Nigerian 4-1-9 advance fee scams over and over, most of those scams operated, not only from Nigeria, but from Europe, Canada, Dubai and China.

The Philippines do harbour Nigerian advance fee scammers but those only defraud foreigners. One of the basic principles of the scam is that it is an international transborder crime. Nigerian scammers always make sure that there are different jurisdictions between them, the payments and the victim. All this to ensure that a police investigation is difficult, or almost impossible.

Have a look at the fake NBI for yourself for as long as the link to the web site works: http://www.nbigov.com/