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Public Research Reports

Radical Change of Course - Boko Haram Strategy

ISIS Imminent Terror Alert 14 December 2014 ! update April 16, 2015

Al Qaeda Affiliates Plan a Mumbai Style Attack in Africa

Complexity of High Profile Attacks by Al Qaeda Affiliates

Narrative of a Genuine 3 Months Counter-Terror Operation

Al Qaeda Communications In Days Leading Up To An Attack

419 Advance Fee Fraud Statistics 2013 Released in July 2014

Boko Haram "The Movement" Plans To Trigger Uprising

Boko Haram, Biggest Issue for Africa Since Colonialism: The broader Notion !

Al Qaeda Nigerian Affiliate Boko Haram Plans Attacks

Layers of Funding and Support of Al Qaeda’s New Affiliates in Africa

Al Qaeda Synergy between Crime and Ideology

Preparations for Attacks in Rwanda and Uganda, in Timeline of Westgate

Hezbollah Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals - Al Qaeda 'Undetectable' Explosives

Libyan Nationals Funding Terrorism on US Soil

Boko Haram Aims To Strike in Abuja in June 2012 Targeting Goodluck Jonathan

Crisis in Western Intelligence Agencies Crucial For Public Safety and Security

Boko Haram the Next Al Qaeda GSI Phase - Imminent Threat - Funding

Taliban and Hezbollah Global Terrorism Funding

Boko Haram Terror Funding - 419 Advance Fee Fraud - Romance Scams

Rise of Boko Haram and Al Shabaab - Terrorism 2.0 Think Global Act Local

Africa a Key Continent for The Al Qaeda Terror Network



419 Advance Fee Fraud:

419 Advance Fee Fraud Statistics 2013 pre-released in July 2014



Ultrascan-HUMINT Tribal Mapping - Enable Your Mission!

HUMINT - Satellite Tribal Mapping - Enables Your Mission In Tribal Areas

Cross Border Crime, Terrorism and Tribal Maps:

Ultrascan-HUMINT - Satellite Map for Funding, Support, Recruitment and Threat Levels for the Al Qaeda Affiliates Boko Haram and Al Shabaab in the Diaspora

Ultrascan-HUMINT Strategic and Tactical Analysis of Mali Islamist Threats - Govern or Split the Country?:

Ultrascan-HUMINT strategic and tactical analysis Mali Islamist threats - govern or split the country?



419 Advance Fee Fraud:

419 Advance Fee Fraud Statistics 2009 (download)



Anti Money Laundering Arcadi Gaydamak:

Ultrascan Interactive Report Criss-Cross 4: Arcadi Gaydamak

Anti Money Laundering Amsterdam Trade Bank:

AML Report Amsterdam Trade Bank (download)

AML Report Amsterdam Trade Bank (UK) (download)

Ultrascan Interactive Report Criss-Cross 8: Amsterdam Trade Bank

ATB Criss-Cross Outline Pictures 1-10 (download)

ATB Schematics (download)

Anti Money Laundering Stanford International Bank Antiqua:

Ultrascan Interactive Report Criss-Cross 3: Stanford International Bank Antigua

Cyber Crime Market Research for ATM Skimming Devices:

Ultrascan AGI 2008 Cyber Crime Market Research for ATM Skimming Devices



419 Advance Fee Fraud:

2007 Stats on 419 Advanced Fee Fraud (download)



Open Bron Criminaliteit 'de anonieme en flexibele vijand:

Satelliet Notitie Open Bron Criminele Netwerken (download)

419 Advance Fee Fraud:

2006 Statistics on 419 Advanced Fee Fraud (download)



2005 Statistics Advanced Fee Fraud (download)