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Ultrascan AGI / Since 1996

A subsidiary of Ultrascan Research Services, an international research organization with over 3280 experts in 69 countries

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Financial Crimes - Risk Assessment - Compliance PEP KYC - Insider Treats - Money Laundering - Corruption - Sanctions - Terrorist Financing - Trafficking - Intellectual Property Protection - Transnational Organized Crime TOC - Ideology Driven Crime Networks - Security Policy - Counter Intelligence - Funding the Nexus Terrorism Crime - Strategic Security Audits - Cyber Crime - Phishing - Corporate Identity Theft BEC - Advance Fee Fraud (419) - Grooming - Credit Card Fraud - Counterfeiting - Insurance Fraud - Investment, Stock and Securities Fraud

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"The strength of Ultrascan Global Investigations is their ability to appropriately coordinate "technical" intelligence with "human" intelligence to provide results that are both scientific and personalized."

Risk management and strong leadership by continually reassessing the operational risks.

Consider the changing economic, legal, technological, and regulatory environments and adhere to procedures and practices.

Drive development by providing priorities and clear transnational strategies aligned with geo policies. 

Supporting the implementation of new systems globally during heightened scrutiny needs reacting to changes in the operating environment and ensuring that applicable changes are made to the system and processes.

Responsible for providing sound judgment and advice to senior management on security and reputational risks associated with doing business.

Providing reporting highlights (and mitigates) reputational, fraud, and compliance risks.


Why do we need secret agents? Isn't it all rather quaint?

Is it that we see a different, more frightening world than you do?

Our enemies are no longer nations and do not exist on a map but are non-state actors and unknown individuals. Look around you; who do you fear? Can you see a face, a uniform, a flag? No.

Yet, before breakfast in their pajamas, they can do more damage from their laptops than an intelligence agent can during a year in the field. Online organized crime doesn't know law and order, has a Wild West mentality and is lawless to the core. Anarchy.

While transparency became fashionable in the West, the world is not more transparent now. Today it's more opaque, in the shadows, and that's where we do battle. So, before you declare that irrelevant, ask yourselves, how safe you feel?


Ultrascan Research


Examples of case research into various topics and alerts from the Ultrascan group and associates

Ultrascan Humint


Ultrascan HUMINT have primary sources, extensive experience with identifying, locating, mapping, monitoring, analysing and predicting perpetrators of money laundering and the planning, funding, communications and support of terrorism.

Ultrascan FIU


Ultrascan FIU Financial Intelligence Unit - A mixture of intelligence gathering, investigations, reputational risk mitigation and Innovative Technology in line of objectives. Focused on external information and stakeholder engagement, to detect exposure to financial crime risk.

Ultrascan Interactive Research Intelligence and Analysis BRAINS


Intelligence and Analysis. Wander Around in our Detailed Global Interactive Research - Criminal and financial relationships visualized - Non-linear - visualizes knowledge like you've never seen before - AML KYC FIU - Business Solutions - Innovative Technology