Coronavirus ‘tipping point’ primed to have economy, sports returning soon

USA Today Sports - By Dan Harralson | April 10, 2020 3:17 pm ET

The coronavirus pandemic continues as the United States is in its peak days.

Frank Engelsman is the CEO of Ultrascan Research and founder of Ultrascan-AGI.

He discussed the coronavirus pandemic and the reality of sports returning sooner rather than later in the United States with Vols Wire.

Throughout social media, radio and other avenues, fans are voicing their openness to attend sporting events without a coronavirus vaccine in place.

Some of the openness stems from citizens not fully trusting information being presented from Dr. Deborah Birx and Dr. Anthony Fauci during Coronavirus Task Force briefings.

“I think the numbers and data the task forces worldwide have put out – as they also say not complete – are not accurate and therefore are misleading,” Engelsman said. “Close to all cases admitted to IC’s are classified as corona related. Something is very wrong with the profiling of patients by corona symptoms as released by Chinese officials.”

“the job is not to predict tomorrow based on yesterday.”

“The terror posed by the coronavirus, which kills at random, is in combination with the countermeasures of governments, established fear and presence with the public,” he said. “Governments are unable to solve undefined transnational threats and have de facto suspended democracy by introducing safety regulations and emergency security laws, creating a sudden mass dependency on the state.

“The threat appears is driven and motivated by something other than ideology or funding. This event could have occurred as a result of a failure of imagination. The job is not to predict tomorrow based on yesterday. That is what academics do. The task is to prevent the end of tomorrow by using your brains and your imagination. If you do not identify the threat before it is too late, you might be held responsible for the single largest intelligence fumble since a flight instruction school in Florida failed to grasp the significance of a 19-year-old Al-Qaeda terrorist saying he did not need to learn how to land.”

Engelsman also noted the importance of the United States’ economy opening back up which is dependent on restaurants’ business and sporting events that provide an impact to many cities and states.

“We are at a tipping point in which not all countries can financially sustain government services and the financial survival of businesses and citizens for six months or more,” Engelsman said. “If not, it is a matter of weeks before people lose trust in government, numbers, statistics and the rule of law.”

Hydroxychloroquine has been a topic of discussion during Coronavirus Task Force briefings as President Donald Trump has suggested the use of it.

Engelsman backs Trump’s notion of using it as a cure.

Those two together cure 100 percent

Azithromycin (Zithromax) prevents bacteria from growing by interfering with their protein synthesis,” Engelsman said. “It binds to the 50s subunit of the bacterial ribosome, thus inhibiting the translation of mRNA. Nucleic acid synthesis is not affected. Quinine is an antiviral, and of course, hydroxychloroquine is a more potent version. Those two together cure 100 percent, but, as said, Zithromax can only be added when lungs are infected (pneumonia).

“With hundreds of millions of users who benefited from chloroquine prescription for half a century, these experts say that there is no scientific clinical trial evidence of it working. Yet, all of them use it when they travel to countries that expose them to that risk, and not to forget, the same experts accepted a Chinese definition for the COVID-19 virus only identified by symptoms. I can find hundreds, and with enough time thousands, of doctors supporting the use and prescribing hydroxychloroquine to their patients. That said, today I can also find similar doctors who are crushed by negative media exposure quoting the lowest ranking government medical organization that repeats the statement “yes we know of successful treatments with hydroxychloroquine, but not many, therefore we wish to wait until clinical trials are done, and sorry but we do not do clinical trials.”
Those two together cure 100 percent - hydroxychloroquine

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