Techint - HUMINT
follow the money across borders and jurisdictions

Operational Effectiveness

"We have the tools and resources. Managed appropriately, we effectively monitor with impact assessments in place"

Money laundering / Ultrascan FIU

Ultrascan-FIU Financial Intelligence Unit

Follow the money

What sets Ultrascan-AGI apart is its "feet in the street". We employ academics, doctors, physicians, ex Law enforcement, and military personnel, a powerful mix of science and streetwise skills.

Small, expert regional liaison teams provide consistent and insightful financial crime-related intelligence.

Liaison capability, focused on external information collection and stakeholder engagement, enables us to detect, resolve and reduce exposure to financial crimes.

Key beneficiaries and their assets are located in offshore locations where legal redress is possible.

Electronic and digital footprints


An intelligence requirement is acquiring electronic and digital footprints. It enables analysis for remote-controlled high-tech and HUMINT targeting.

Track Trace Map & Monitor

Who when where?


Human eco-systems


Recruiting individuals inside organizations or groups to acquire information, infiltrate their eco-systems and chain of command

follow the money across borders and jurisdictions

Subsidiaries of international research organization with over 3280 experts in 69 countries

"We have the tools and resources. Managed appropriately we effectively monitor with impact assessments in place"

Ultrascan Research


Examples of case research into various topics and alerts from the Ultrascan group and associates

Ultrascan Humint


Ultrascan HUMINT have primary sources, extensive experience with identifying, locating, mapping, monitoring, analysing and predicting perpetrators of money laundering and the planning, funding, communications and support of terrorism.

Ultrascan FIU


Ultrascan FIU Financial Intelligence Unit - A mixture of intelligence gathering, investigations, reputational risk mitigation and Innovative Technology in line of objectives. Focused on external information and stakeholder engagement, to detect exposure to financial crime risk.

Ultrascan Interactive Research Intelligence and Analysis BRAINS


Intelligence and Analysis. Wander Around in our Detailed Global Interactive Research - Criminal and financial relationships visualized - Non-linear - visualizes knowledge like you've never seen before - AML KYC FIU - Business Solutions - Innovative Technology